Office of the Inspector General

Inspector General Authority:

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is an independent WSSC entity established October 1, 2018, pursuant to Title 17, Subtitle 6 of the Maryland Annotated Code, Public Utilities Article, with oversight by the WSSC Board of Commissioners.


The Inspector General provides policy direction for, and conducts, supervises and coordinates audits, investigations, and management reviews of WSSC operations and programs. The OIG acts, operates and maintains independence to ensure that the Commission is operating efficiently and safely, and that revenue is appropriately accounted for and allocated without any fraud, waste, and abuse. The OIG determines and then prioritizes what audits, investigations and program reviews are undertaken, and allocates appropriate resources to each, so that the process can be concluded in a timely manner and the most accurate information can be obtained.

Operating independently from management, the OIG assists the Commission by providing an independent evaluation of the Agency and recommendations that will preserve the Commission’s reputation and improve the efficiency of the Commission’s programs, policies, practices and operations. In so doing, the OIG may investigate mismanagement, misconduct, fraud, waste and abuse at the Commission and conduct an annual audit of the Commission as needed.

Audit reports, summaries of the audits and investigations generated by the OIG are published on the Commission’s website except those expressly prohibited from disclosure under the Public Information Act. The OIG will also make available on the Commission’s website periodic reports that summarize the activities, findings, recommendations, and accomplishments of the OIG.

If the OIG determines that a serious violation of federal, state or local law or Commission regulation has occurred, the OIG must report the allegation to either an appropriate law enforcement agency, the State Ethics Commission, the Commission Board of Ethics or any other agency with jurisdiction to enforce the law.

Mission Statement

To help WSSC meet its objectives in a fiscally transparent, sustainable, and ethically responsible manner, by conducting independent audits, evaluations and investigations; making evidence-based recommendations to promote economy, efficiency and effectiveness; and prevent and detect fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement and misconduct within WSSC programs and operations.

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